Message of the UN Philippines Resident Coordinator for World Press Freedom Day 2021

I reaffirm the UN's support for freedom of the press

On this World Press Freedom Day, I reaffirm the support of the United Nations in the Philippines for the freedom and independence of the news media and media workers.

It is hard to conceive of a healthy democracy without press freedom. Media organizations make a critical contribution to democracy, as they allow women and men to be informed about the various topics shaping society: politics, health, economy, and culture, among others.

Press freedom also contributes to the transparency of public affairs. Experience shows that the press can substantially improve governance. In this sense, information should be regarded as a "public good".

When journalists and media workers are threatened, attacked or killed, democracy itself is undermined.

Therefore, I reaffirm the UN's support for freedom of the press.

Speech by
Gustavo González
Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator
Gustavo Gonzalez
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