WHO COVID-19 Philippines Situation Report #37 (2 June 2020)

  • The 2 June 2020 COVID-19 Situation Report on the Philippines from the World Health Organization
WHO COVID-19 Philippines Situation Report #37 (2 June 2020)


  • Out of the total 18,997 confirmed cases reported in the Philippines until today, 55% are male, with the most affected age group 30-39 years (22.3%) fol-lowed by 20-29 years (18.8%)
  • 60.3% of cases reported from National Capital Region (NCR), followed by Central Visayas (12.3%), CALABARZON (9.4%), and Central Luzon (3.4%)
  • Out of the 966 confirmed deaths, 64% are male, with the most affected age group over 70 years (36.2%) followed by 60-69 years (30.5%)
  • 74.7% of deaths reported from NCR, followed by CALABARZON (11.3%), Central Luzon (3.1%), and Central Visayas (2.9%)
  • Department of Health (DOH) now differentiating between ‘fresh’ cases, confirmed within the previous 3 days, and ‘late’ cases, to explain the increase in the number of reported cases as the result of clearing the reporting backlog, and the roll-out of COVID KAYA mobile application which reports new cases in real-time. Of all new cases, 50.6% are from Central Visayas, followed by NCR (18.8%)
  • According to DOH among all active, confirmed cases, 93.6% are mild
  • DOH strongly emphasizing the importance of adherence to minimum precautionary measures, with NCR currently in General Community Quarantine
  • Currently 38 laboratories using RT-PCR accredited for COVID-19 testing, with 3 additional laboratories in NCR, and 1 in Region XI as well as 11 laboratories using GeneXpert with additions in Region III, V and XI.
  • 100% of health facilities are regularly reporting to DOH’s DataCollectApp showing less than 36.3% oc-cupancy rate of ward beds, ICU beds and isolation beds for COVID-19 patients
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