UN Secretary-General's Message for the Launch of World Food Week

  • Mr. Antonio Guterres will convene a Food Systems Summit in 2021 that will define bold actions for inclusive and sustainable food systems

[Watch the video message here]

The systems that bring food to our tables have a profound impact on our economies, our health and the environment.

Food systems are one of the main reasons we are failing to stay within our planet’s ecological boundaries.

But they can also be the key to tackling the climate crisis, addressing soaring biodiversity loss and healthier societies.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our food systems.

Millions more people are hungry, and millions of jobs have been lost.

Meanwhile, the climate emergency continues apace.

To address these issues, I am convening a Food Systems Summit next year.

This will be a ‘People’s Summit’ and a ‘Solutions Summit’.

This action-oriented conversation will come together in two key moments.

The first will be a pre-Summit meeting in Rome in summer next year.

This meeting will build on inclusive country and regional dialogues and will define bold actions for inclusive and sustainable food systems.

The second, will be the Food Systems Summit itself, and will bring the attention of all world leaders to this issue.

We need global engagement and action for inclusive and sustainable food systems.

I urge you to join the conversation.

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