WHO COVID-19 Philippines Situation Report #28 (6 May 2020)

  • World Health Organization's COVID-19 Situation Report #28 in the Philippines, dated 6 May 2020
WHO COVID-19 Philippines Situation Report 28 (6 May 2020)
WHO COVID-19 Philippines Situation Report 28 (6 May 2020)


  • Out of the total 10,004 confirmed cases reported in the Philippines until today, 54% are male, with the most affected age group 30-39 years (21.2%) followed by 50-59 (16.6%)
  • 66.3% of cases reported from National Capital Region (NCR), followed by CALABARZON (12.7%), Central Visayas (11.2%) and Central Luzon (3.9%). 99% of all cases reported in Central Visayas originate from Cebu province.
  • Out of the 658 confirmed deaths, 65% are male, with the most affected age group over 70 years (36.3%) followed by 60-69 years (32.7%)
  • 70.6% of deaths reported from NCR, followed by CALABARZON (12.6%) and Central Luzon (4.2%)
  • According to the Department of Health (DOH) among all confirmed cases, 86% are mild
  • Total cumulative number of 1,859 health care workers tested positive for COVID-19, with 40 new cases reported since yesterday. Investigation is ongoing in clusters of confirmed health care workers in different health facilities
  • Currently 23 laboratories testing over 7,000 COVID-19 samples per days: the latest laboratory added is the Cebu TB Reference Laboratory
  • 91% of 1,817 hospitals currently reporting to DOH DataCollectApp providing real time information on bed occupancy rate, ventilator, ICU bed, and human resource availability. Up to 96% of hospitals report on PPE availability
  • Over 5,500 hospital workers and community health workers trained on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) through online trainings throughout the country
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